A water leak in your home can be hard to detect. In fact, one of the best techniques is to check your water bill and if your usage seems to jump to a much higher rate than before, you very well might have a water leak. That or the water prices in your area have increased.

If you strongly suspect a leak though, then you certainly have the option to call All Tex Services in Houston and we’ll be glad to send a plumber check your system for you.

But if you’d like to know for yourself, the best way to confirm a water leak there is to do the following:

1. Turn off the water.

This means going to every faucet, sink, etc. and turning the water off. This is basically ensuring you’re not using any water.

2. Find the water meter and remove the lid.

If you know where this is, then wonderful. If you don’t then ask someone who would know. Be careful with this part of the process because it can be dangerous. Why? Well, bugs and small animals might have made their home in your water meter box and they might not like the fact that you’re barging into their home. Just be careful.

3. Watch the meter and see if it moves.

Unfortunately water leaks can vary. Some are faster and easier to detect than others. A fast leak will show a moving meter. If the meter isn’t moving, then note the position of the meter and come back in ten or so minutes and see if it’s changed. If the meter has changed in that ten minutes, then you have a slow leak.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have a leak, call the plumbing experts at All Tex Services to fix your water leak. There’s no need in determining where the leak is occurring. Let the plumber do the rest.

Call All Tex Services at 281-469-3330 or visit our Contact page for a Houston plumber!

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