In a perfect world, we’d all live next to a mountain stream where the freshest water comes to us untainted by all those harmful chemicals and minerals that can make water harmful to the human body.

Unfortunately, much of the property near the mountain streams are taken up or, well let’s be honest, we just don’t have mountains near us in Texas.

It’s OK. There’s a solution.

Water Filtration is a necessary and vital process that makes water in homes drinkable and usable without concern for the health of those exposed to it.

Wouldn’t it be easy to just empty all water of any kind of mineral, chemical, or bacteria?

Not exactly. What you’d get is distilled water, which if consumed over long periods of time, can be very detrimental to a person’s health. Water Filtration taken too far can be a bad option.

If you need Water Softening to remove calcium and magnesium, then check out our page on the process.

But if it’s chlorine, miscellaneous chemicals, or microbes you’re trying to get out of your water, (which is a legitimate concern with a home’s water system) then All Tex Plumbing in Houston can help.

We have seasoned experts who can offer several options on how to best handle the water filtration process in your home.

Every home is different, so having an expert opinion in selecting the best system to meet your needs is crucial to having a water filtration process that is effective and reliable.

So, whether or not you live near that mountain stream (there shouldn’t be many in Northwest Houston where we’re located), Contact All-Tex Plumbing for help in your Water Filtration needs, and see how we can help you.

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