There’s nothing quite like a sewer problem to really stink up your week.

It goes without saying that anything having to do with the sewer is both messy and smelly work. So why even think of taking care of the issue by yourself?

All-Tex Plumbing is on call to help you with any and all of your sewer repair issues.

How do you fix a sewer problem?

Well, it depends on what’s wrong. Two main issues tend to happen:


The water isn’t flowing anymore or it’s pouring out of your system, which means it’s not leaving your pipes but sitting there (which can cause big problems in the long run). This can be a massive problem for a home or business. It’s usually caused by some kind of misuse of septic systems like the wrong products flushed through the system, or it can be caused by roots from plants intruding on your sewage line. Both can be fixed by All-Tex Plumbing.

Unpleasant odors coming from your septic systems

Same as before, those clogs can create an unpleasant environment to be in, especially when the problem suddenly occurs. The luckier houses are the ones that first have slow systems for a while before they clog totally. If your system is slowing or not operating as it once did, then contact All-Tex today to avoid an even more unpleasant condition.

Either of these can be major problems on a sewage system, and it’s fortunate that there are experts like All-Tex out there to call for your sewer repair needs.

Contact us today and see how we can solve your sewage problems. We do residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing. We’re located in Southeast Texas and serve the entire area as a trusted and reliable company for all plumbing issues in the home or business.

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