No commercial plumbing job or boiler repair is too big or too small for our expert technicians. As highly trained professionals, the plumbers at All-Tex are qualified and licensed to take on any project. Whether it’s a plumbing repair, remodeling, or replacement, All-Tex is the company to call, at 281-469-3330. Our rates are extremely competitive, and we can even optimize your equipment for peak efficiency.

Water Heaters and Boiler Repair

boiler repairWater Heaters and Boilers All-Tex has boiler specialists on call 24/7 to repair or replace commercial water heaters and boiler systems. Efficient hot water systems are crucial in keeping your energy costs low. All-Tex will diagnose and service your hot water component and have in back to service quickly and efficiently.

Service Agreements

In order to ensure that your water heater or boiler system is properly maintained, we provide custom-designed service agreements.

Annual Inspections

All-Tex offers reduced pricing for repairs to clients that schedule inspections and maintenance annually. To schedule an inspection for your water heater and boiler now, call All-Tex Plumbing.


Our expert team of professionals is in most cases able to replace your current equipment quickly and reliably in the event of a commercial water heater or boiler failure.

Hi-Tech Sewer Cameras

Hi-Tech Sewer Cameras allow us to examine your plumbing system in a quicker, more cost-efficient way. These cameras can be set up in a matter of minutes, and come in varying sizes to fit any diameter pipe. Sewage cameras eliminate wasted time spent looking for a problem from the outside or digging up pipes, which in turn saves you money. These devices can thoroughly service pipes to find any issues or damage. They can detect unknown issues and get them repaired before they become a more costly problem for you.

Circulating Systems

All-Tex can save you money when you replace or repair your circulating system. Contact All-Tex now, and make an appointment for us to inspect, repair or replace that old circulating system.

Backflow Device Testing and Installation

Our expert plumbers specialize in the installation and repair of Backflow and RPZ Valves and are qualified to install the right device to ensure that your safety requirements are met.

Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements

All-Tex offers Preventative Maintenance Programs designed with your budget and production needs in mind.

Hydro Jetting

You can prevent expensive work stoppages by scheduling hydro-jetting maintenance on your drainage systems, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers.

General Maintenance

All-Tex Licensed plumbers can replace your filters, pumps, cross connection devices, faucets, and other related equipment. Small repairs, such as these, will help your equipment last longer and operate efficiently.

Water and Sewer Lines

All-Tex is able to repair or replace water and sewer lines, even those projects that involve excavation or slab penetration or require and emergency plumber.

Gas Lines

Whether it’s an existing line or a new installation, All-Tex can help you with leak location and repair, not to mention annual state testing.

Grease Traps and Oil Interceptors

We are licensed to repair, maintain, and redesign of all types of grease traps and oil interceptors.


We can equip you with sump pumps for the removal of water and sewage from lower elevations and provide repair and maintenance for lift stations. We can provide any of the resources needed for your potable water needs as well. Contact All-Tex for a wide variety of pump repair and installation needs.

  • Piping
  • Circulating Pumps
  • PVB Valves/ RPZ Valves
  • Sewer Lift Station Repair
  • Sewer Drain Service
  • Sewer Main Jetting
  • Gas Water heater
  • Boilers
  • Boiler Room Efficiency Evaluation
  • Gas Tests
  • Gas Leak Locating and Diagnostics
  • High Water Pressure Jetting
  • Repairs and Remodeling
  • Water Heater Repairs and Replacement
  • Backflow Prevention Resting and Installation
  • Boiler Repair and Replacement
  • Mechanical Room Optimization for Efficiency
  • Gas Piping
  • Gas Piping Repair
  • Gas Line Replacement
  • Sewer Stoppage
  • RPZ and PVB Repair Replacement and Installation
  • Water and Gas Lines New and Existing
  • Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
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